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SMSLUMIA is one of the world’s leading Bulk and Mass SMS Service Provider. Use our SMS Gateway and APIs to send Online Bulk SMS & Group Send SMS... Download our Mobile App now to get started. 

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Welcome To SMSLUMIA Web Messaging Platform

SMSLUMIA web messaging is a flexible, easy to use bulk messaging service that enables you to send large volumes of messages to family and friends on all networks in Nigeria. The service offers the flexibility of SMS scheduling and sending SMS in various formats.

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Why choose SMSLUMIA

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

SMSLUMIA gives you a simple, cost-effective way to secure transactions
and ensure that users are who they say they are.

Appointment reminders

Avoid costly no shows while reducing your administrative and call center expenses. Two-way text messaging makes it easy to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments.

Payment reminders

Help your customers stay on top of their bills. Our Web SMS platform lets you upload your database, schedule delivery, and track results with ease.
Or use our SMS APIs to integrate text messaging directly into your billing system for complete automation.

Debt collection

A simple text message can save you thousands in collection costs. Use SMS to initiate repayment conversations with delinquent creditors, send payment reminders, or follow up with payment confirmations.

SMS marketing

Get your message into your customers’ hands faster. Use text messaging to increase your open rates and conversions. And leverage dedicated numbers and keywords to automate your campaign.

Sales promotions

What do you get when you combine real-time messaging with a limited-time offer? Big-time results.
Use bulk SMS to fill empty seats, introduce a new product, or lift sales.

SMS solutions for all industries

Every business can leverage the power of SMS to generate revenue or become more efficient.
Modify colors, fonts and grid setting without opening any CSS file.

Bulk SMS

Send notifications, advertise and alert with our fully featured Bulk SMS. Deliver messages from your computer or server quickly and easily, . through the world's largest SMS messaging network built and operated by industry experts with 10+ years' experience.

Schedule SMS

SMSLUMIA Platform has the ability to schedule broadcasts on a recurring basis. . This is ideal for appointment reminders that are sent out at a predefined time on certain days of the week. Once a user has access to his or her Dashboard (access via: the process for setting up this service is very straightforward.


The Latest GSM Database comes in this format: Numbers | Names | Sex | State | Each Local Government, you can call any of our support line for confirmation. This is the LATEST, UPDATED, VALID, GENUINE, ACTIVE and AUTHENTIC NIGERIA PHONE NUMBERS. Call for more information or visit our GSM Database

Flexible API

Ensure simple API integration with SMS Lumia as your trusted SMS gateway provider.  Enjoy easy SMS setup with our intuitive interface, Developers’ Central, and send international SMS messages through our bulk SMS gateway. Just copy and paste the code snippet to get any new API working in no time.

#1 Leading Bulk SMS Re-sellers Portal!

Reseller system is the solution provided by SMSLUMIA to support companies or individuals those who want to venture into messaging business.  SMSLUMIA reseller system is a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for resellers with dedicated server and control panel to manage their clients/users accounts.

Send SMS to DND Enable lines

With SMSLUMIA Platform your BULKSMS will be delivered to all phone numbers including Do not Disturb (DND) list. It cost 1unit per SMS to None DND Numbers and 2 units per SMS to DND numbers.  So we delivers BULKSMS to None-DND and DND Numbers

CRM Marketing Automation

Connect to your existing business software to notify staff and customers.

Marketing Promotions

Achieve maximum ROI by sending Bulk SMS with minimum 95% open rates.

Appointment & Event Reminders

Avoid costly no-shows with a simple, friendly reminder.


Keep informed of changes to critical service disruptions in real-time.


SMSLUMIA are leading providers of mobile messaging, platform design & development and integration solutions. We have a team of talented professionals


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